Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back in the studio...a little bit!

i don't know whether it's because my baby boy just turned one and i finally realized that the chances of me breaking or ruining him in some way are slim to none. or maybe it's because i haven't really made much in over a year and it's catching up to me...probably a combination of both of those things, but the past couple of weeks i've been getting the itch! the itch to craft, to make stuff, to get into my studio. for now i will only have stolen moments during nap times, but that's probably enough to ease back into things. i'm not sure what it is that i'll be making-after being away from things for a year- it might not be pretty and i'm sure there will be some wrong turns, but i'll post them here. hopefully, you will leave some comments...nasty and nice (maybe not too nasty as i'm bound to be a wee fragile at first!)
here's a peek at what i've been working on so far...yes, she still needs arms and a proper coat!